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3 Email Optimization Tips For Increased Opens and Click-throughs

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Written by NT Izuchi

“The money is in the email” is what the big name gurus say time and time again and it’s actually probably one of the few things that I actually agree with them on. The success that I have had thus far in internet marketing can be greatly attributed to a strong email marketing game plan.

Although your email list is your biggest asset online it is one of the most neglected areas for most internet marketers because of lack of return they see from building one. Instead, many people would much rather rely on online marketing tools and software they really don’t need

In the video below I provide 3 email marketing tips that can literally help you today in increasing the open rate and click-through rate in the emails you are sending out to your loyal subscribers. These aren’t intrusive email optimization tips at all but merely strategies that entice people to engage with your content.

3 Email Optimization Tips For Results Today!

  1. Use Your Subscribers Name in Headline and Body of Emails – Believe it or not there are so many people who are actively building their email list on a daily basis but are only collecting emails and not the names of their subscribers. By collecting the names of subscribers you can make your messages more directed towards them. Could you image someone talking to you and never addressing you by your name? Pretty impersonal isn’t it? Don’t make this mistake
  2. Use Multiple Calls To Action (CTAs) In Email BodyThere are many types of CTAs in general but the ones that I am talking about are hyperlinking words to the video, blog, podcast, etc. that you intend to send people to.  Now this doesn’t mean for you to overdue it and hyperlink every other sentence. You really should do it on action oriented words or phrases. Don’t forget hyperlinking to images of a video or something else. A rule of thumb I use is to hyperlink no more than once per paragraph.
  3. Use Bulleted or Numbered Points In Email Body – Doing this simply makes the information in your email easily digestible, similarly writing a blog post and using basic SEO practices to help readers find the solutions they are looking for. Consider this…when people do not click through your emails its not because they dislike you or anything of that sort it is because they have to make a decision on whether or not it will be worth their time clicking through your email because the email didn’t clearly spell out what was in store for them. So use bullet/number points to get to the point.

Andd there you have it! See, that wasn’t so bad was it? 🙂 Believe it or not, I forgot to let you in on the x-factor to real email success…

You ready?

Familiarity with your email list which can only be reached if you are consistent and persistent in providing value. Your willingness can only come from you! 😉

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