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4 Killer Video Marketing Tips | Very Quick & Effective!

Video Marketing TipsVideo marketing is one of, if not the most, effective avenue for modern day marketing. If you do a little research you will see that there are some staggering statistics of video marketing that will astound you. To name one, Vimeo reported that consumers who view a product demo while shopping (online or offline) are 85% more likely to purchase.

This goes to show exactly how powerful video can be for any business and just how much of your business you are missing if you are not doing video.

However there are a handful of steps you should make sure to do every time you shoot a video for your business.

They really don’t take much effort at all  to do, can drive some major traffic to your video, and make your videos a lot more effective.

Here Are 4 Killer Video Marketing Tips…

Tips To Take Home…

  1. Share YouTube Videos To Social Media Buttons – Although this may seem like a no-brainer I would bet money that a lot of marketers neglect to use the social media buttons below their YouTube videos. Doing this will generate instant traffic to your videos.
  2. Upload The Raw Video To Most Used Social Media Site – If you use Facebook for example don’t just share the YouTube video to your timeline but actual upload the raw file to Facebook. Doing this will store the video to Facebook forever where as just sharing the YouTube video to your timeline the video will be lost over time.
  3. Speak To Someone Specifically In Your Videos– This is a tactic I use personally to make my videos more effective. When you have someone in mind that you would like to spread the message in your video to it will come off as more sincere and direct to the viewer.
  4. Strong Call To Action– What’s an effective video without a strong call to action when it’s all said and done. When instructing your viewer to take action you should also be sure to make an offer for them taking action. After all a good product can usually speak for itself but it is you who must sell yourself to get the viewer to make the purchase from you.

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