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5 Horrible Landing Page Mistakes Marketers Make

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Written by NT Izuchi

There’s no way around it. Landing pages are too important to your marketing puzzle, and so you have to get them right.

All too often, marketers create landing pages with intentions of converting targeted traffic into qualified leads, but end up achieving the opposite.

If you’re new to marketing on the internet and wondering what is a landing page, in short, it is the gateway page to converting traffic into leads.

The best landing pages do just that – reinforce what the offer is, who it is for, and keep visitors from leaving the page without entering their info.

To help you accomplish this, below you will learn 5 landing page mistakes you absolutely want to avoid at all cost and why you want to avoid them.


5 Landing Page No-Nos

Optimizing landing pages for lead generation & conversion doesn’t mean adding on all the extra ‘bells and whistles’ to make it look great. You have to keep in mind the intention of the landing page.

Good landing page examples, and even some of the best, have a minimalist design and only include what is necessary.

So if you’re asking how long should a landing page form be, the answer is as long as it “needs” to be…which is a good segue into no-no #1…

#1 Unnecessary info

Is asking for my name, email, phone number, location, and anything else you can think of necessary?! Maybe. But if it’s not, then don’t ask for it!

There are some landing page templates and software that allow you to create as many fields as you want to collect information such as name, email, phone, location, company name, etc.

By asking for unnecessary information for the sake of asking will mostly likely deter people from wanting to give you their information and become a lead, especially if what you are offering isn’t worth the information you are asking.

The Solution: The more perceived value your offer is, the more information you can ask. But this doesn’t mean ask for unnecessary information (i.e. don’t ask for a number if you don’t intend on calling”

#2 External links

For one reason or the other, some marketers feel it’s a good idea if they include links to external pages on their landing pages. Are you a culprit of this?

Forget about what you’ve learned about landing pages for a second and just think about the main objective that landing pages serve – that is to convert traffic into leads. External links only make it harder for landing pages to do their job.

If someone clicks that external link on your landing page, there is not telling whether or not they will come back. So why risk?

The Solution: Remove ALL external links from your landing pages to minimize the chance of them leaving without giving you their name and email. Leave external links for your blog post and pages.

#3 Navigation bar

landingpagesidebannerThis is similar to the previous no-no. You may have seen some landing page design examples where there is a navigation bar at the top, but it’s just silly. Again, this is distracting people from taking the action of becoming a lead.

Navigation bars certainly serve a purpose and have a place where they are appropriate to use (i.e. blog/website), and I encourage it. But not on landing pages, even if you think it helps validate you when you are just getting started online.

The Solution: Remove ALL navigation bars from your landing pages. I can guarantee you it isn’t helping with your conversions. However, having this on your blog or website can help send traffic to your landing pages. This is where navigation bars belong.

#4 Below the fold

Have you ever seen a landing page that is really long? Like, long enough that you have to scroll to see all the content that is on the page? The part where you have to start scrolling to see the content is called the “fold”.

This isn’t a bad thing except for when your form field is below the “fold”. Some people may not know there is room to scroll and see your content, and more importantly, the form field.  This is how many miss out on traffic to lead conversion.

The Solution: If there is a fold on your landing page make sure you put a form above the fold so people can see it immediately. And to be safe I would also put a form field below the field so the visitor is always reminded to input their information to receive your offer.

#5 Poor design

We’ve all seen ugly, poorly designed landing pages and we run as fast as we can away from them when we do. Great landing pages are created with aesthetic detail.

Hundreds, thousands, if not millions of people will end up viewing your landing pages so why not make them pleasing to look at and create a great experience for people when they are converting to a lead.

The Solution: Give attention to detail when creating your landing pages. If you are looking for awesome squeeze page examples (another name for landing page), then take a look around my website as I have created a number of landing pages that have different designs.

So, there you have it…

You’ve now seen 5 of the worst landing page mistakes marketers make, along with solutions for landing page best practices. Take this stuff seriously, it’s your traffic, your leads, and your sales on the line.

To further help you get landing pages right, I put together a free resource for you below. I guarantee you’ll get a ton of value from it. Enjoy!


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