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facingWelcome! My name is NT Izuchi and I am a proud native to the beautiful and bustling city of Boston, Massachusetts and yes the skyline is that beautiful! I’m really glad you are here and taking a look at this page specifically to learn more about me. Opportunities come a dime a dozen but it’s the face behind the opportunity that is perhaps the most important thing.

There is one thing that I can absolutely guarantee you that by being here and constantly visiting this website you are going to learn extremely valuable content and information that will serve as blueprint for achieving your success online. That is the #1 goal here!

I’m a firm believer in doing things that you love and enjoy. It doesn’t stop there though. It’s also doing those things with passion and from a personal standpoint online network marketing, using social media to deliver powerful messages, personal growth and leadership development all fall into that category.

On this blog you will find highly useful content for the best internet marketing strategies including understanding search engines and keywords, creating and optimizing content, video marketing, social media strategies, web traffic flow, email marketing and sales funnel creation, as well motivational and inspirational content that comes from the heart. In short…

“Helping you build, brand, and manage your business online the right way the first time around!”


If you’re a beginner in the Internet Marketing arena then I welcome and congratulate you for making the decision to change and completely dominate your financial future.

Believe it or not, you’re in the right place at the right time because you now have the advantage of leveraging your time and efforts using technology.

Here I will show you the very simple strategies that successful online network marketing entrepreneurs use to become financially free.

My Story: How and why I got started online in 2012!

I believe we were all created with a purpose and a gift to carry out that purpose or message that we initially can’t envision with the naked eye.

My vision began as I was fresh out of college when the time had finally come to seriously get in the game and start a career. No more riding the bench because it was go time!

I was ready and I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of my scholarly achievements. Excited and all about laying a footprint and making a name for myself somewhere, somehow, someway I had no clear cut vision, yet.

Having great mentors in my life like my Mom, Dad and many others, I put what I “knew” to work and landed a good-old fashioned J.O.B. in engineering. But because I was never a card player by habit I learned a bittersweet lesson and that lesson was to never show your hand.

About a year and a half into working…Boom! Just like that I was laid off from my J .O.B. Not that I was lazy or not a diligent worker, or not the coolest engineer the company had ever seen but because I had the option of entering a graduate program at Brown University, an IVY League university and one of the top schools in the United States, and so the company CEO wanted a replacement ASAP.

That was the bitter part. After getting canned and staring off into space for about week, or more (gahh laziness), I was able to come to grips with another lesson I learned from the experience. Knowing exactly what I didn’t want made it obvious as to what I did want. That was the sweet part.

I was ready to accept my purpose in life after I saw a video from a very successful and motivational internet marketer. The delivery in his message was so infectious that I actually ended up buying from him when it wasn’t even a sales video.

With my eyes closed, his message painted a picture so perfect that I could literally see myself standing on top of a fortune…



…that I had built for myself using the the power of effective speech for personal development, creating good and valued content, and sharing the content in order to attract entrepreneurial like-minded people.

At this point my vision was crystal clear which leads me to a very important point that speaks to my goal here at IC WebShed which is quite simple: To help provide internet entrepreneurs the necessary tools and best training in order to build profitable and successful businesses online.

Life Changing Experiences In 2013…

Traveling is my Passion!

Out of all my life experiences there is one thing that motivates and inspires me like nothing else and that is traveling to distant places that I’ve never been before.

My parents are originally from Nigeria which is a country in West Africa and I have been there but nothing compares to my experience when I vacationed in South Africa for 3 weeks in January of 2013 with some friends.

The experience was life changing and its what motivates me to always push forward in my business so that I can visit places like this whenever I want.

What is it that motivates you? Is it travel, time with family & friends, or being outdoors? Whatever it is do more of it to capture those moments and catch that feeling of inspiration to continuously progress in your business.


Later that year I was able to travel to Mexico with a group of friends and spend a week in Cancun. Being able to soak in a completely different and exotic culture opened my eyes to the unknown.

I truly relate having success in business to seeing different places because you have to change yourself in order to adapt to that environment but both take sacrifices in order to get there.

That’s the key! All of my success online happened because I was able to adapt and change my habits and the way I think in order to step into a more desired lifestyle that most people want!

All the tools to run a profitable and successful business online are readily available and so is the training but are you willing to change yourself and your habits to acquire prosperity and abundance? The answer to the question will dictate the success you have moving forward. If you’re ready to make that jump then contact me and let’s make this your best year yet!

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