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Benefits Of Social Media
Written by NT Izuchi

The true benefits of social media are BOUNDLESS if we really think about it! I can’t speak for everyone, but the the ability to connect and engage with people across the world in an instance is completely mind blowing to me.

But what does this really mean for network marketers, online marketers, and really any business owner conducting business on the world wide web? Without the true realization of it’s power, the benefits of social media are non-existant for business owners.

When looking at the benefits of social media as a networker or business owner the first thing to do is to set a priority in order to network the right way. In order to maximize every interaction you have with a potential customer or partner it’s important to understand that you can easily influence and win the trust  of others if you keep their best interest in mind!

The True Benefits Of Social Media

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Some quick pointers on the benefits of social media

      • Work with them before you actually work with them – What I mean by this is try and solve some of their problems before they even think to pull out a credit card to purchase. You’re willingness to OVER-DELIVER on the value will impress them beyond belief. Do this in good faith because when you give more in value than you receive in money people will buy from you OVER and OVER and OVER again without hesitation!
      • Win their trust before actually becoming friends – This might be the simplest thing to do when you genuinely have the best interest of others as a priority. People are looking for friends to confide in with their day to day issues. Think to be someone’s friend first. Give them helpful tips to help solve their issues. Follow up with conversations you guys have had in the past. Engage with what they share to social media. Simply put, OUT-FRIEND everyone else.
      • Sell with consistency based off your reputation – When people associate you with value selling will never be an issue for you again. Your reputation is everything! So if you are a reputed “value giver” then it’s quite easy to believe that what you are promoting will help solve someones problem and provide value. Maintain your reputation by giving more in value than you are accepting in money. If you make this a a priority you will make buying from you an easy decision for others.

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    • Thank you Josh! I’m all about the value in my content. When it comes to Social Media we really have to understand the major advantage we have and not take it for granted! Great opportunity to be a real persona and connect on a deeper level to expand out networks and grow our businesses!

  • Social media is the way to go.Everything revolves around it from Facebook,twitter,Instagram,Google plus,Path,Linkden and the list goes on and on… People are on at least one platform so that creates a lead for you marketers have a wide range of platforms to showcase themselves to prospective buyers.

    • Yes Josh with social media at our fingertips it positions us for great success. HOWEVER if we neglect to see the “true” power of social media that I mentioned in this piece then it all completely useless!

  • NT you have taught me so much even BEFORE choosing you as my mentor and coach. You have the most awesome value….seriously…and I thankyou so much! Thankyou for this info!

  • Social media is really big in the 21century. As you can see everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etc ….. the time is now to get involved. Ntzuchi valuable information as always.

    Thank you !!!

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