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Lead Nurturing Practices That Best Convert Your List

lead nurturing
Written by NT Izuchi

Lead nurturing…it’s sort of the new catch phrase you’ll hear on the internet these days for something that has always been around when it comes to converting leads into loyal and happy paying customers.

I kinda like it though because of the core meaning of the word nurture which is…

the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.

It just makes sense if you think about it. The first step to selling or producing profit online is not simply to just get traffic but targeted traffic and earning their trust just enough to give you their personal info in order to stay in touch.

But here’s the trick. Staying in touch and leading with more value and information on a particular product, service, or you as an individual is where the lead nurturing begins.



Lead nurturing means getting personal…

It really does. We as human beings love to buy when we are content with the information we have to make an informed purchasing decision. Moreover, we like to buy from a trust and authoritative source.

This is just how things are online and offline as well so when you are marketing your product or service you should assume the sale is coming if you are authentic and transparent as glass.

Give people the real you. Tell them about your failures and successes and how what you are offering has helped you and can help ultimately help them which should be the focal point.

And remember during this process it’s o.k. to ask for their business as long as you present and showcase the ongoing value you will provide them.


Email marketing and the continual flow of content

This is where the money is. As a matter of fact here is where you will convert upwards of 80% of the sales you make online. Yes you should assume the sale but don’t rely on the impulse of your customer.

Rely on the quality of your content to eventually walk people through their own sales funnel process. But doing this consistency is what matters here.

Continuity does a lot of things for you.

  1. Builds trust over time and your authoritative voice
  2. Develops familiarity with your face and voice through content like video, podcast, and even written content.


Β Systems work so…be systematic!

Well not all of the work and some don’t work as well as others but in your case and the context here create a flow that you can upkeep week after week.

Be sure to create At least 1-2 blog posts per week so that your subscribers get used to hearing from you with more value. If not written content at least a video or podcast where they are hearing or seeing you.

With those pieces of content make sure your are sharing that with your social media outlets and more importantly your email list that you are constantly nurturing towards a comfortable purchase.

Also, reach out to your new subscribers personally especially if you are brand new getting started and your lead flow is overly abundant.

Here you can accomplish a couple of things (but not limited to just a couple):

  • How they found you – this is extremely powerful because now you have a sense of what lead generation strategy is working for you whether it be blogging, or video marketing, etc.
  • What they would like to learn more of – with this information you get an idea of what answers you should be creating and now you can strategically use this story in your email marketing efforts to further engage.


Over-deliver on the value!

I never really understood what this meant until one of my earlier mentor spelled it out for me in the most simple way possible He said to me…

Give as much you can afford for free…

You may not realize this now but doing this is truly what makes someone a valued subscriber in the first place. The free nuggets you give are what validates them handing over their personal information for you to stay in touch.

This one piece of advice went from generating me, say, 10-20 quality leads per week to a solid 30+ because people want their bang for their buck.

And although they didn’t pay for the information that you provided…THEY WANT MORE and are willing to give you their personal information to stay in touch which is like GOLD to you as business owner selling through the internet.


Now, get to nurturing!

This blog post is a blueprint to follow and the truth is this doesn’t need to be a chemistry project. Transparency, value, and consistency is only formula you need.

Remember that your follow up or lead nurturing is where the majority of the sales conversion happen so take care of your list and they will take care of you.

Want to go more in depth with the lead nurturing and conversion? Then the button below for the free video series should be your next stop!

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