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How To Create Irresistible Offers to Produce More Leads and Sales In Your Business

Written by NT Izuchi

One mistake you have to avoid when doing business online is to come off as too “salesy”. I mean let’s face it, you know the consumer is aware you are trying to sell them something so why not make it way easier for both parties.

How? you ask. Well it’s actually really simple. You guide them down the path beginning with what is relevant to them at that moment in time. You can better track your marketing goals and objectives by offering things that are specific to your viewers interest.

Whatever it is you can capitalize and instantly turn them into a lead by continuing to provide value in the form of an offer that is relevant to the content it is being promoted from.

Free Offer Ideas Examples

Let’s take the health and fitness industry for example. This is such an exciting and booming industry and there are endless topics related to them. Some areas you may be interested in are weight loss, weight training, diet and nutrition, or cardio-health and the idea is to make specific offers related to them

Weigh Loss Examples – “5-step guide to shedding 20 lb in 30 days” or “Daily checklist to lose 20 lbs in 10 days”

Cardio-health Examples – “4-Step Checklist to a Healthier Heart” or “The Ultimate Post-cardio Workout Guide”

If we take a look at the internet marketing industry this is also a very large industry and has a vast amount of topics you can cover in which can make make endless offers similarly to health and fitness

The more specific your niche is the better due to less competition. Some areas you may be interested could be landing pages, content marketing, video, email marketing, sales funnel conversion, PPC, and social media to name a few and the idea would be to create specific offers related to them.

Email Marketing Examples – “5-Step Email Marketing Checklist to Massively Increase Opens & Click-throughs” or “Master Guide To Monetizing Your Email List”

Content Marketing Examples – “Expert Guide on How To Never Run Out of Content Ideas” or “Newbie Crash Course to Content Marketing”

Sales Funnel Examples – “9 Elements to a High Quality Landing Page” or “Fast Start Guide to Building a Winning Sales Funnel”

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