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Written by NT Izuchi

Out of all the Facebook marketing training tips I’ve learned the ones that have been most effective are the ones that account for both the balance of life and business.

Although Facebook is great  for marketing your business it is even more effective for allowing others to build a rapport and trust with you.

However the marketing of the lifestyle that your business allows is vital.

In most cases people seek to start online businesses to generate a supplemental income to replace their current income.

Using the strategy of promoting your business while simultaneously showing how your business is allowing you to have a better, more fun lifestyle is usually a win win.

The area where many fall short of social media marketing is the social part. Often people are looking for the next best thing that they think people will flock to when people are actually looking for other people who they can learn from to have a thriving business while also having a life.

In the video below I map out a simple blueprint to follow to start building up your business and becoming more of an attractive marketer.

You will be able to attract other like minded business people rather than hunting all of them down by simply using Facebook the way it is supposed to be used.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Facebook & Backpage Automated Poster

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

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