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Facing Your Online Video Marketing Fears | Profits Over Paranoia and Accepting The Role As An Entrepreneur

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Written by NT Izuchi

Vidyard, an online video marketing company, reported in one of their studies that video on a landing page can increase lead conversion by 80%! As insane as that is, this is just one of the benefits to enjoy using video.

When it comes to making money online, video is one of (if not) the most powerful weapon you can use. But, quite frankly, even after people find the perfect business for them, most will not utilize it out of fear.

We’re now in 2015, and just last year online video marketing statistics 2014 suggest that video is the wave of the future, particularly on mobile devices.


Facebook Newsroom found that 65% of video views on Facebook are from mobile devices

comScore reported that smartphones and tablets combined now account for 6o percent of all online traffic up from 50 percent just 1 year ago. This can also be attributed to your videos coming up in search engines.

In addition to that earlier this year Cisco reported that over two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2018.

That’s pretty incredible, but the takeaway is that video is now being promoted more to users on platforms that that leverage video as a form of media.

So, how do you get over the fear of online video marketing?

Hopefully by providing some statistics above, it helps you realize what you and your business are missing out on. Video will help you connect with people, and when you embed them on your website, people will be on there forever.

The way you get over fear is no secret…YOU JUST JUMP IN!

videosidebannerSeriously, taking action on getting in front of the camera and just hitting record for the first time is what it’s going take.

If you’re still a scaredy cat, then maybe you can use some online video marketing services that allow you to make videos without you being in them. However, I really suggest you get your face out there.

But when you do finally hit record, here are some suggestions to ease you into the process. Believe it or not, a simple online video marketing strategy is easier than you think.

  1. Create short, 2-4 minute videos – If you think you have to create some long and elaborate motion picture then you are wrong. In the video marketing world, less equals more.

    In fact, most people are not interested in spending more than 4 or 5 minutes watching a video. So avoid rambling and just get to the point.

    It increases the chance of your viewers consuming all of your content, and less work for you  overall.

  2. Create an online video marketing intro – By that I don’t mean buy some fancy software to create an intro. I simply mean an opening sentence that you can say every time that your audience will be familiar with.

    A quick tip here is to ask a question that speaks to a problem that your audience is most likely experiencing. Do this in the first 7-10 seconds in order to capture their attention.

    It’s hard to avoid answering a question subconsciously when someone asks you something. This increases the likelihood your audience will continue to listen.

  3. Have a call-to-action EVERY TIME – If the online video marketing statistics stated earlier are true (which they are) then it makes sense to tell your audience what to do at the end of the video.

    What your audience does after they watch any video is probably the most important part of any video.

    Given you have provided some sort of solution to a problem they are experiencing, this is what validates them taking the next step in further solving their problems that you suggest to them in your call to action.


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