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How to Figure Out The Best Online Business That Suits Your Vision With 3 Easy Questions

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Written by NT Izuchi

So you’re figuring out what’s the best online business for you specifically. My guess is by now you have already done your research and realized there are so many business opportunities online.

But, not all are created equal. You’ll notice the best online business reviews that you see out there on all the different social media sites will market these online business opportunities as “one size fits all” – meaning anyone can join and have success.

Although that might have some truth to it, it really is far from the whole truth. If you are just getting started off as a beginner I suggest you market and promote something you have a genuine interest in. It’s just easier to sell that way!

3 questions to ask when considering the best online business to start

Here are three main questions to ask yourself when choosing the best online business that is tailored to you. Naturally, you will consider many other things when choosing a business, and you should, but these 3 below are a must.

Also, I encourage you to cut out the “noise” when considering the best internet business for you. There will be a “shiny ball” or “next best thing” being presented to you.

The truth is, there are many great opportunities. But, it’s finding the best one for you that’s important. This way you enjoy what you are doing with passion, legitimize your following, make more money and be merry!

1. Are you comfortable selling directly?

Direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through independent sales representatives who are also referred to as distributors or IBOs (independent business owners – not employees of the company).

Do not overlook answering this question! Many people try and figure out the best online business for them and don’t realize that many of them involve having to sell directly to others and convince them to purchase either a product or service.

Although direct selling is one of the best ways to make high ticket commissions, selling is an art form that often results in “no” as an answer. However, an answer resulting in “yes” can earn you thousands of dollars.

2. How much do you realistically want to make?

If you are coming online with the intent of making an extra tens of thousands of dollars per month, then direct selling may be where you want to start looking. If this isn’t the case then something like drop shipping from eBay and Amazon could be your destination.

Be realistic with yourself and know what you truly want. If you get caught up in “living the dream” and don’t want to put in the effort to make that happen, you won’t make a single cent online.

As time goes on your visions and income goals may change, so tailor your choice of business around an opportunity that will allow you to reach those goals, but easier.

3. Do you share a passion that others share as well?

Some of the best online business ideas will come from what you love and are passionate about. Why? Because it make it easier to sell something that you are genuinely interested in.

If you love dogs, there are so many affiliate products for dog lovers to choose from. If it’s internet marketing, there are countless internet marketing training programs that you can actually learn from, and promote for others to learn from as well.

You may be thinking the best online small business for you may not be what others are interested in, but you’d be surprised how lucrative a small niche can be. Do your research on that market and start providing solutions to the problems people are having in that particular niche.

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