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How To Generate Ideas For Your Marketing Videos

How to come up with ideas for your videos
Written by NT Izuchi

Generating ideas for your marketing videos can be a cinch when considering all of the resources we have for coming up with possible suggestions and concepts.

It’s literally impossible to run out of ideas to create video content on.

The biggest hurdle for people is usually either laziness when actually creating the video or the fear of being on video.

As for the ideas on what to video about those can be quickly done with a few resources.


How To Generate Ideas For Your Marketing Videos


When generating ideas for your marketing videos it’s important to come up with an idea and stick with it.

You will have better and even more creative ideas in the future but those usually happen after you have completed some videos.

One thing to take into much consideration is your own ideas that you have internally. Do not undervalue the ideas you already have in your head and assume it’s common knowledge that everyone knows.

Simply create the content and move on. Someone will appreciate it.

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  • Hi NT. I would like to try video, but it is the technology and my lack of some of the know-how that has paralyzed me. I can’t imagine that my smart phone is good enough to use. Truly I need to jump in and try it.

    • Dawn JUMP RIGHT IN! It goes so far when it comes to personal branding and allowing people to get used to hearing your voice and seeing your face. Just get the first few out the way and it’s easy peasy from there 😀

  • hey nt izuchi, nice to finally find you. I was happy to find your video where u talked about re teaching info you learned. I can’t wait to lestn more from you

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