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How To Get Website Traffic Eager To Come Back

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Written by NT Izuchi

When you add the word eager into the mix it makes getting website traffic look like a task on its own, and it is.

If you want someone to make multiple visits to your home online it’ll certainly take multiple efforts on your end to get them there.

They may not even be the best customer by your own definition and that’s fine. You’ll always be refining your content marketing efforts to position yourself in front of those who need your services.

But keep in mind the door swings both ways. So once they’ve found you be aware that if you’re not either answering their question, solving their problem, or providing an alternative they’re as good as gone!


Leverage the heck out of your content!

No matter what, your content marketing efforts will be the cornerstone of why you are relevant in this crowded internet space so this will take time.

Allow your content to become a resource and a library of bite sized lessons. It’s good for you to because now you don’t have to cover everything in one go.

Solidify your authoritative voice on the subject matter with each piece of content you create. The more content, the more authority and trust. And guess what, you have more than enough means to do it.

You can diversify your content marketing by helping people who learn differently through your blog posts, pages, videos, sound bites, and even images. You just have to start even if its one at a time.

Organize and make your content navigable. To get website traffic eager to come back then being there has to be a great experience in easily finding what they want to read which is essentially good on page SEO practice.


Schedule them to come back

Sounds different doesn’t it? Well if you want to get website traffic eager to come back then give them a timeline to receive information they need.

Literally, post a timeline at the beginning of the week on your blog prepping them for what content you’ll be sharing and live events you will be hosting throughout the week.

Do this for your email list as well on your social media timelines like Facebook, Google+, Twittter, LinkedIn and Instagram depending on your business. People want to know what’s in store so make this a staple in your marketing efforts.

This strategy is a lead magnet and can realistically get you bookmarked to their browser. Remember to get website traffic is one thing, but repeat traffic correlates to a lasting and income generating presence online.


Go live from your website

Host the live event or prerecorded webinar on your blog to get website traffic. As long as you over-deliver on the value that the viewers will receive by being there you’re in good shape.

Again, a visit to your website has to be a great experience so why not use your website as the anchor to continued value and more information in order to start legitimizing your following.

If you follow the previous method to get website traffic you will already have spread the word about the live event now host or embed the video event on your blog and send people to it.


Now over to You…

For now focus on the content because without it none of these strategies can be carried out. Remember what your duty is here:

Answer the questions, solve the problems, provide an alternative…

If you stick to this game plan for success online you’ll start raising awareness and answering questions for potential that they didn’t know were important adding authority and trust to your brand.


About the author

NT Izuchi

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is NT Izuchi. I am a professional internet marketing consultant, blogger, SEO strategist, avid Boston sports fan, recovering perfectionist, and teacher by nature. I am passionate about my work and goals here online to help as many as I can build, brand, and manage a successful business online the first time around!


  • Hi NT, Great Post and spot on advice. True that out posts were somewhat similar this week but you nailed it with a video. Still somewhat out of my comfort zone but working on it. Thanks for the info.

  • Thanks for providing text with your video, NT. I’m a reader rather than listener/watcher. I like the idea of posting a timeline at the beginning of the week. I’m working on a new theme where I can put info like this in aside posts in a section separate from the main posts.

    • Hey Sue, even if you don’t have somewhere on your website to post your weekly timeline make sure you share the timeline with your most active social media outlet and of course the most important place, your email list! 🙂

  • Great Post NT!

    I’m starting to see your comments around more and more on certain coaches and mentors of mine!

    And I also recently listened to one of your excellent podcasts and viewed one of your videos, on a different aspect on successful online marketing as well.

    And this post was indeed very informative as well! Great job! I love your headlines BTW! They’re extremely intriguing!

    • Hey Mark, thank you for stopping by 🙂 With the podcast and videos the intention is to really start diversifying my marketing with a touch of great copy for the titles. It really does start to come together after you start engaging with others as you have mentioned. You have some fine mentors!

    • Hey Allison, thanks for dropping in! I truly believe video or even a podcast adds the personal touch to any piece of content. It’s great practice for optimizing content for consumers as well seeing as how people have different learning styles. Aiming to please 😀 Love what you’re doing at PC…keep rocking girl!

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