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3 Sources For Home Based Business Leads and How to Convert Them Better

home based business leads
Written by NT Izuchi

Home based business leads are literally everywhere. The gas station, grocery shop, your local bar or restaurant all have people who you can talk to about your home based business ideas.

However, when it comes to your home based business opportunities, you really want to spend your time connecting with quality leads rather than just anybody in my opinion.

If you are just getting started in the home based business, or network marketing arena, this post will help you focus down on your business opportunity leads that will probably convert best for you sooner rather than later.

So, where do I find the best network marketing leads for my business?

I know you’re itching for the answer so I’ll get right into it. But note, I will present them in order of least likeliness to convert to actual team members although they all have a good chance of joining your team.

1. Friends & Family – I know what you are thinking here. You’ve exhausted your warm market and have been dodging your calls and text messages because they think you are totally out of your mind. Either that or you want to hide what you are doing from them because this whole entrepreneurship thing may not work out and you don’t want to look silly.

First, get over the fact that people you’ve known your entire life will view you in a different way for walking a different path. In my experience in recruiting close family members and friends, it came after I got results from recruiting strangers who will not judge me because they don’t know me.

You can certainly get earlier adopters in your warm market, but it becomes A LOT easier once you’ve gotten results and have a proven method that can work for them.

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2. Networking Events – This is such an incredible source for business opportunity leads. Networks are looking for opportunities to either expand what they are doing, or simply to get around others who are running with great projects and want to be part of them.

Truth be told, the first 7 out of 20 team members that I ever recruited were originally home business leads from networking events. They had heard about network marketing and had even been pitched.

The reason why I was successful in bringing them on board was a little secret which I will share later in this post. But remember, this is a person to person business and nothing beats face to face connections. You can find local network events on MeetUp.com or EventBright.com

3. The Internet – You should never wonder how to find leads for home based business when you have the internet. What better place to find leads than a place where people are actually looking for home based business opportunities?

This in my opinion is the best of free home based business leads because the amount of people you can connect with is endless. On top of that you can position yourself as an authority with different forms of media educating people on how to get started the right way.

Just think about it. When people are looking for a home based business opportunities, do they go to their family or friends or do they hit the search engines for people already involved?

Of course they hit the internet which is where you need to position yourself to capture those leads. Get set up online with a strong web presence to bypass and doubts that you are the right person to join.

Next step…converting home based business leads into your business.

When you are converting leads or prospects into your business, it really is a game of building trust and credibility with them and the best way to do that is with tools that readily available.

My first suggestion is to start creating videos teaching how to grow a home based business opportunity. It’s the quickest way to start marketing and promoting yourself as a trustworthy source, but it really helps brand yourself.

You have to understand that you are not the only prospecting others for their business. You can be in communication with prospects, but that doesn’t mean they will join you.

Videos will give you an edge over those who are fearful of video and hiding behind the computer hoping to automate sign-ups instead of getting your face out there and making things happen.

My second suggestion is to build a simple WordPress site that brands YOU! Creating a website and blogging daily will do wonders for your business! You want to be able to bring people off social media and to a place with no distractions such as a website.

Too many people rely on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. The problem is these places are distraction factories where one minute they can be watching your video and the next minute someone else has there attention.

Avoid this at all cost by creating your own website where it’s the YOU show!

My third and last suggest is to host a live webinar once a week to convert your small business leads. This is a sure-fire way to get people to really engage with you and get to know you.

 Also, this is an opportunity for people to see you in action teaching and being a leader. People want to feel safe and secure knowing they are following someone who will be there for the long haul and live webinars shows your commitment.

Don’t worry about getting a packed webinar either. As a matter of fact start out by inviting a handful of people to get your feet wet and create an intimate setting so you can actually make real, human connections.

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