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Is A Home Based Business Really For You? | 3 Hard to Swallow Considerations

is a home based business for you
Written by NT Izuchi

Is a home based business really for you? I ask you this in all seriousness because if you are in one, or considering one, the answer may seem very obvious. Yes!

But I guess the real question is do you have what it takes to run a profitable and successful home based business? Getting in is easy, but seeing it through to success is the real challenge.

What many don’t realize about work from home jobs is that it takes a tremendous amount of discipline and determination for them to become sustainable and profitable.

What’s even more interesting is that you can actually predict your success in a work from home type of job, especially when you are just getting started, by answering the three questions below.

3 questions that will determine if you have what it takes to succeed in home business opportunities

1. Do you slack at your job?

I know it sounds a little weird and a bit difficult to make the connection, but here me out. If you slack at your current job which is paying you, what makes you believe that you will be able to work an opportunity long term that may not pay you for months?

This is a serious question and it has a lot to do with respect for what’s already currently paying you. If you are slacking there then there is a good chance that you will slack at home based jobs that probably won’t pay you well (or at all) earlier on. If you are in network marketing or a direct sales company it will be your job to produce and pay yourself. There’s no room  slacking there!

2. Is there a sense of urgency?

A home business is nothing to play around with. You’re either all in, or you’re out! There’s no in between because that’s just another way of saying you’re out.

If you are not willing to make sacrifices and do things you’ve never done in order to succeed than your business is finished before it even starts. If you have more to lose at stake, this is usually what fuels you to go above and beyond to see your business prosper.

For example, in network marketing many people throw home parties to to recruit people into their business hence why many of these opportunities are called home party businesses.

Although I’ve never thrown a home party myself, those who do are clearly determined to make it work by going so far as to inviting people into their homes multiple days a week to share the opportunity. I’m not saying you have to do the same, but you need to have the same level or urgency.

3. Are you ready to sacrifice everything?

I’m not posing this question to scare you or anything, but in order to make home based jobs work for you, you will need to be ready and willing to sacrifice habits that are keeping you stagmant.

Long days and nights working at your craft (continuously creating valued offers, getting your face out there and embracing video marketing, etc.) becoming goal oriented, and giving up old habits will all be a requirement for you to be successful at this.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice things that aren’t serving you and the progression of your business, then there will be no room for you to pick up new habits that successful people have.

I know the idea of a home based business seems exciting and sexy, and it is! But the dream of working from home can turn into a nightmare without letting go of your old self and old habits.

About the author

NT Izuchi

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is NT Izuchi. I am a professional internet marketing consultant, blogger, SEO strategist, avid Boston sports fan, recovering perfectionist, and teacher by nature. I am passionate about my work and goals here online to help as many as I can build, brand, and manage a successful business online the first time around!


  • I think people slack at work when they’re bored or when a lot of your co-workers aren’t motivated. If you follow your passion with the type of home based business you work at, then the motivation is there.

  • I think for most people it is harder to stay motivated and consistent when working from home because they are not accountable to anyone really other than themselves and we tend to let ourselves off the hook. But 3 great points to consider that will help people in understanding what it really takes to have success online.

  • Great job NT!

    You have covered all of the deep thoughts people considering working from home need to consider before they are all in. I agree that most people get caught up in the sparkle phase and don’t contemplate the real issues.

    Another thing is most businesses fail due to lack of start-up capital. People always underestimate what it will take to get by until you start earning from your business.

    Great post!


  • Great article. You hooked them at the first with getting into a home business. Then you told them that it’s hard work. It truly is. If you were a slacker at a job, there might be reasons for that. I worked in the government for years and some days there was nothing to do! So I did things that others weren’t doing. I worked. I wrote a manual on how to do the job, for the next person.
    Working on my own business, the motivation to help people is still what drives me. A home buisness is
    not easy, but it’s the only thing I want to do!

  • These are things that folks have to consider carefully, NT. Jumping into a home based or online business is no small matter. You need to commit to it. If you have a “Plan B” for when things don’t work out, you probably don’t have the sense of urgency you refer to. You’re already setting yourself up for failure before you even start.

  • Hey NT,

    It’s been a long time and I see you’re still cranking out great content. I agree with you on points 2 and 3. You definitely want to create a sense of urgency to get your prospects moving and you do want to make some sacrifices so you can focus more on your business.

    I believe for the first point you made isn’t always the case. I’ve seen people who slacked off in their jobs bet yet worked hard on outside projects and did well. Why? From what I’ve seen there was way more passion for their outside projects than there was for their jobs. But to each his or her own.

    Thanks for sharing NT! I hope you’re having a great day!

  • Hi NT,

    The timing of this post is perfect. I am currently building my way to a career at home. Too many years in Corp America can make one stale, especially if you’re aren’t passionate about what you’re doing. I have gone through all the scenario’s about being able to discipline myself at home, remain passionate about what I do, and be successful.

    I appreciate you sharing these tips and by the way, I loved the video.


  • It is interesting to consider what people think of when they hear the words “Home Based Business” as there are so many intereprations of what that can include. The universal truth of what it must include is organization, dedication and boundaries.

  • Hey NT, first time I visit your blog and I’m impressed! Super professional, great branding… and you did a great job at building the Know, Like Trust Factor with your images and video. Feel like I already know you a bit…. unlike most bloggers who hide behind their writings!
    Compliments about your whole blog! I will come back again and look forward to connecting with you sometime.

  • Hey NT,

    Great post. Really putting it all out there for everyone to read and really think about it. It is so easy when you work from home to put off something. “Oh, I can do that later or anytime. I work from home.” The next thing you know it’s tomorrow and a week later and you are starting to develop a very dangerous bad habit for someone working from home.

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