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How To Make Your Images Look Like Videos In Just 5 Minutes

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Written by NT Izuchi

Maybe you’ve seen this at some point where you see an image and it looks to be a thumbnail to a video because of what appears to be a play button on top of it. If you haven’t seen that you’ve definitely seen a play button symbol on a real video before actually clicking play.

Either way the play button symbol is very powerful in terms of getting people to take action and actually click and watch something. If you have never created a video yourself just think of an instance where this has worked on you. Did you click play? You probably did.


In the video below I am going to reveal a resource where you can easily create a play button and give an image a thumbnail video effect. This is a free resource called Picmonkey where you can do all sorts of edits to an image to enhance its affects.

Why add a play button image to a photo?

If you are sending emails to your list this is a great way for you to increase your click-through rate in your emails because people prefer videos. Video entertains and keeps people engaged much longer so by hinting there is a video for them to watch you will increase your audience.

You can also use these thumbnail images on a bog post as well to signify there is a video for people to watch. This works just as well for when you are sharing a blog post to your social media platforms. If you are having trouble getting people to watch your videos give this a try.

There is a reason why so many marketers do this and that is because it works wonders. If you have ever received one of my emails then you’ve definitely seen this strategy in action. It has helped increase my click-throughs in my emails and can definitely do the same for you.


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