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How to Market a Product Without Being A Pitchy Salesperson

How to market a product
Written by NT Izuchi

Learning how to market a product online the right way can be a huge smack in the face to most people.

At first, we think it’s as easy as bombarding people’s inbox with sales pages only to realize you lose more friends than you gain. Sound familiar?

In truth…the art of selling without selling avoids pushy sales tactics or techniques and focuses on providing practical solutions to problems.

The ideas is to present your solutions right in front of those who need it. if you over deliver here, it makes selling our product that much easier.

So you want to know how to market and sell without being pushy?

The way to go about doing this is by being covert in your approach. By covert I don’t mean sneaky, but simply approaching sales from an angle that presents a practical and actionable solution that is 100% independent of your audience having to buy anything.

1. Identify and educate around a problem – The best way to learn how to market a product successfully is by first being n as someone who understand the problem in and out. However, for this to be effective, you really have to help them understand their problem first before a solution becomes relevant.

The question now is “how do you do that?” Creating a blog daily or creating a video daily is the quickest and easiest solution because it will validate any solution you present to your audience. It’s that simple! This will allow you to sell anything you want on the back end after they have become a lead.

2. Plant seeds in your your blog and video content – That’s right! When you are dissecting the problem you can subtly make references to a solution that you know of.

But, you don’t want to spill the beans in that blog or video because they will bypass your content and go straight to searching for the source. You want to remain the source or gateway to the solution so just plant the seed and keep them on edge until your call-to-action in the end.

3. Offer an irresistible “band-aid” solution to the problem – This is the segue on how to market your business to your audience. This should be a solution that they can implement without having to purchase anything. The covert way to market your business opportunity, product, or service is to present it to them on the thank you page after they have opted into to your free offer.

On the thank you page,  you literally “thank” them for opting in for your offer, and on that same page you give them a call-to-action to click a button and take a look at your business opportunity, product, or service. You’ve now delivered your “band-aid” solution to their email and exposed them to a solution that you can sell.

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