How to Start a Successful Blog that Both Your Audience and Google Will Love

How to Start a Successful Blog
Written by NT Izuchi

Your blog is about you, but not really. If you’re wondering how to make money blogging there are two sides that you have to please which is your audience you are trying to serve, and the almighty Google.

The misconception is that in order to please both sides, you have to complete entirely separate tasks when in reality they really want the same thing. Your audience wants solutions, and Google wants you to provide solutions.

When you make your audience happy, and eager to come back to your blog by providing solutions, you inevitably make Google happy.

3 Quick Tips to Starting a Successful Blog…

1. Easy on the fluff…

If you are committed to learning how to start a successful business blog, then you must commit to creating excellent content. Never sacrifice quality of your content to create quantities of content.

Content that provides no real value sticks out and doesn’t fool anyone. Rather than blogging to meet numbers, focus on creating less blogs that provide more value if you have to.

As you learn more you will have more to offer. So continue to evolve and get better every day then provide that value back to the marketplace when you are ready and equipped to provide solutions.

2. Your website….organized it!

When learning how to start a successful blog business there are a few things that must be present on your website. Simple top navigation, categories, and tags. This is essentially what helps people get around your site.

One of the biggest reasons why blogs fail is because they are just scattered and disorganized. People are lazy and do not want to waste time finding answers, so it’s your job to make that easier on them. Plus, this is great for SEO.

If you have a WordPress site, your top navigation should, in my opinion, have no more than 5 or so tabs to avoid congestion. Your categories, in my opinion, should not exceed 10you’re your keyword tags are limitless, but should be relevant to your niche.

Lastly, keep the sidebar of your website clean. Avoid having too many banners that look salesy and keep your distraction free so that your content remain the main focus. Your content is what people are there for.

3. Make your intent crystal clear

If you are learning how to start a successful lifestyle blog, or how to start a successful fashion blog,  or even learning how to start a successful YouTube channel or internet marketing podcast (it’s all relative), stay on target with providing content that is serving your audience specifically.

When you mix audiences, you start to confuse people on whether they are in the right place to get their problems solved. You also confuse Google as well because they are trying to rank your content based on its overall relativity to your website or channel.

You may think targeting different niches is a plus, but it’s best to be a shark in smaller pond where there is less competition.


About the author

NT Izuchi

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is NT Izuchi. I am a professional internet marketing consultant, blogger, SEO strategist, avid Boston sports fan, recovering perfectionist, and teacher by nature. I am passionate about my work and goals here online to help as many as I can build, brand, and manage a successful business online the first time around!


  • Thanks NT,

    You have really clarified the key points to focus on when setting off on a blogging venture.

    Interesting how Readers and Google do actually want the same thing, and I love your reminders to keep content and focus targeted at a smaller audience who will find the value they are looking for in an organised and streamlined environment 🙂

    Wise words!

    ~ Jacs

  • NT, great blog post and video. This really helped me consolidate my content so that Google loves it 🙂
    100% agree with the part about fluff, most people don’t understand that it’ll hurt their exposure.

  • Hi NT,
    I enjoyed your video, like always and your
    points are good to consider for a new blogger.
    It is true the sidebar should be organized.
    Some blogs are really so full of advertisement, we
    have to find the posts. I think what is also very
    important and often forgotten are the share buttons
    and the same name and picture in the social media
    sites.I am sure Blogging Mastery Guide will help to start
    a blog the right way.
    Thank you for this

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