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What are landing pages? And why landing pages should matter to you!

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Written by NT Izuchi

What are landing pages? Great question for the beginner or intermediate to internet marketing. The name landing pages isn’t the best term to describe it’s actual function which we’ll get to in just a little bit. Maybe you’ve been using them for a while and didn’t even know it was a landing page.

Either way you should understand that landing pages are extremely important for lead flow into your business. That’s pretty important because without leads you have no business. What’s more important is that you understand their core function and what they consists of.

So, what are landing pages?

Landing pages are really a big part in visitor to lead conversion. They are website pages specifically designed to convert traffic into leads.  Essentially they are the gatekeeper between your offer and the visitors information to receive your offer. It’s an important task therefore you must get your landing page right!

The truth is not all landing pages are created equal and it doesn’t take much to figure that out these days. Some landing page systems have very limited functional and restrict the control you have over the different landing page elements. This can hurt your business if you are trying to collect key information you need from your leads.

Then there are premium landing page systems that are fully functional and give you complete control over the different elements that should be present on your landing pages.

These landing pages allow you to collect important information from your leads and illustrate the value of your offer in checked or bulleted lists. Not asking for this information is equivalent to going on a blind date and never asking for you dates name or information about them.

Why landing pages are so important to you

Landing pages give you an advantage in allowing your business to generate profit day in and day out. Simply put, landing pages create leverage for you and your business. How you ask? Well that’s a great question.

Landing pages are your digital sales reps that are responsible for reaching out and gathering information about potential customers so you can use that information to convert them into clients in exchange of some equal value you will provide in return.

This is CRITICAL for you because the internet never stops working which means with systems in place your business never stops running. Landing pages work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To top that off they never call in sick and never go on vacation.

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