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Managing Personal Expectations While Building A Successful Online Business

building successful online business
Written by NT Izuchi

Building an online business? There’s a pretty good chance some YouTube video provided that “aha” moment which sent you down the entrepreneurial rabbit hole. .

By the time you resurfaced you had big dreams, master plans, and even larger goals of accomplishing what you saw others do and much, much more.

Then 3-6 months down the road you hit wall and caught your first wind.

Reality starts to set in that although the concept of making money on the internet is simple, it is far from easy.

You realize that you have to make adjustments in order to make this work.

More importantly, you realize you have to manage personal expectations with the results (good or bad) that are coming in from your efforts.

Below you will find some perspective when it comes to managing personal expectations while building an successful online business, and some practical and applicable tips for your expectations.

Aligning expectations with reality

It’s highly unlikely that you will make millions, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in your first 1-2years of building a business through internet channels.

It’s not that I don’t believe in you. The numbers just aren’t in yours or my favor, and that level of success, I believe, takes experience, diligent repetition, a relenting attitude – but, most importantly, growth.

I’m also not saying it’s impossible, but the average person doesn’t accomplish that level of success that quickly – especially if you are building your business while working a traditional job.

PRO TIP: Avoid a painful start. A painful start doesn’t mean you’re making no money. A painful start means after the first 1-2 months you have absolutely nothing to show for it, such as…

  • you have vastly wrong expectations for the first few months
  • you haven’t created value that serves your target audience
  • you chose a product or business that you don’t care about

That being said, it’s important that you understand that this won’t be easy, and it certainly won’t be quick.

Focus on acquiring deep subject knowledge, and learning the mechanics of how an online business works (i.e. sales funnels, following up with leads, etc.) Which brings to my next point…

Managing expectations from a technical perspective

Setting reasonable expectations from a technical perspective in your business is similar to managing expectations in life.

The grass is always greener when seeing someone with a version 2.0 of what you have. As this relates to an internet business, it could be a website, sales funnel, more professional video, etc.

If you’re trying to get fancy and have everything sexy-looking before you start, then you may never start. Robert Kiyosaki said it best…

“…It’s like waiting for all the stop lights to be green for five miles before starting the trip.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

PRO TIP: Don’t let technical hurdles stop you. Just get your web presence up and functioning. If there are some technical features that you are dying to have, and you either don’t know how to do it – or will take forever to do it yourself, then outsource the task and make it someone else’s headache

  • Tech savviness won’t pay you, unless it’s your job…
  • Hire a professional from a website like
  • Rid yourself of the idea that “bells and whistles” equal money

There are plenty of technical experts on websites that will happily expedite what would be a painstaking process if you were to go at it alone.

If you’d like, overtime, you can learn some technical skills when it comes to sales funnels, websites, video editing, etc.

But more often than not, there are a lot of moving pieces for you to wrap your head around and it’s just wiser in managing your own expectations and getting help when you need it.

Managing expectations of others

I know, I know, this was supposed to be about you. But the truth is managing the expectations of others is important.

This is particularly true especially if you are young and being supported by parents,  or have a spouse or significant other that you are supporting, or vice versa, or both!

People fear what they don’t understand, and that uncertainty can be uncomfortable. You should know that first hand.

PRO TIP: Road map or define what progression is in your business. By now you understand that checks rolling in isn’t the only sign of progress, but others most likely will not. So the key to getting their buy-in starts with the person steering the ship…

  • Identify what progress is in building a successful online business
  • Make sure they are clear on what progress looks like besides $$$
  • Keep them in the loop. Communicate progress at each step.

This step reminds me of managing expectations at work in regards to those who you answer to. If you are heading a project you are the one who understands the stages of the project.

So it’s your job to be able to communicate what needs to happen before positive results come to fruition. But again, it all starts with you having a deep understanding of what progress really means.

If you handle this correctly it’ll make your job A LOT less stressful – take it from me 😉

Are you managing personal expectations?

Doing so can be one of the most impactful drivers for continued progress, even when it feels like you aren’t making progress.

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve had a hard time, or an easy time managing your own expectations.

I’m sure your participation in the conversation would be beneficial to other visitors to this post. I’ll be sure to respond.

Till next time…I’ll see you on the internet!


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