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Does A Marketing Planning Process Exist For Your Business?

Marketing Planning Process For Your Business
Written by NT Izuchi

For mislead internet marketers who are new to the space, a marketing planning process doesn’t come into thought until much after they fail time and time again when they don’t have to.

I wouldn’t call it strange or unusual since it happens to so many but it isn’t very entrepreneurial placing the fate of their businesses in some push button software rather than their own efforts.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some helpful software that automate some aspects of your business but in no way shape or form should you be relying on them to make you money.

If that’s you then consider this. Really clarify what problem your product or service is solving then just choose how you will present it to your market place.

There are plenty of ways to do that but luckily you don’t need them all. Just a passion for the subject matter, some education backing it up, and a plan of action to follow through on.

The ultimate goal here…

Yes, we want to make tons of sales and make lots of money. But before people start pulling out credit cards without hesitation there has to be something established first and that is trust.

If authority and trust are most important how do you plan on earning and maintaining it?

Content absolutely matters and it should be your go-to marketing strategy and in your daily action plan.

If you do it right it will likely be the forefront of your success simply because it keeps the most important people in your business, the customers, as a priority.

There’s no other reason to create content except to improve on your content marketing efforts. More importantly, to further the knowledge base of your potential customers on your business.

Just understand that they will have questions and you need to be there every time to give an answer. Else someone else will…

Choose your social networks, but don’t over-kill

A good plan is one that is manageable. When it comes to sharing your content on social media do not feel the need to jump on every platform. In fact, I don’t encourage it.

You can build your business by sharing to the major ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. I’ll even throw in Pinterest and Instagram as imagery will be a big part of grabbing attention.

Blogs, Videos, Podcast, Images…

All of these forms of media are great and very manageable if you plan and strategize how you will use them. As mentioned earlier blogging should be the cornerstone and the others will complement.

Look to blog 3 or so times a week and in each of those ad an image that grabs attention. Some good practices would be to add in a video or podcast in each blog for improved on page optimization.

Commit to this and see how the quality of your traffic and overall brand improves.

 Follow Up & Follow Through!

If I were to rank all the points that I touched on in this post then this would probably go first. The old saying goes “begin with the end in mind and when marketing a product or service this is true.

Your marketing and sales funnel is intended to bring qualified individuals to a particular destination and to get them there the follow up is absolutely vital.

Here you have to follow through on getting them the rest of the information in order for them to make an informed decision using what we call “evergreen” information.

Simply put, it’s just information about your product or services that will always be relevant. Create this once and allow it to further educate and finish the job alongside the new content you create.

If there is one thing I agree with the big name gurus it’s that the money is in the email follow up because most people won’t purchase on the first exposure to your business.

That’s why you have a marketing planning process in play. Put in the work and set this system up and let it play out.


About the author

NT Izuchi

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is NT Izuchi. I am a professional internet marketing consultant, blogger, SEO strategist, avid Boston sports fan, recovering perfectionist, and teacher by nature. I am passionate about my work and goals here online to help as many as I can build, brand, and manage a successful business online the first time around!


  • Excellent work her NT. You have hit the nail on the head with the planning process… content and blogging, gaining respect and trust and planning social media and follow-up. I think it should be kept simple and achievable in steps to becoming a person people want to learn from.

    • Exactly, the gurus have the industry all messed up. People thinking they can skip out on steps that are crucial when starting out. Ahh well, that’s why we’re here I guess lol?

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