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How To Maximize Your Video & Blog Content On Facebook

How To Maxmize Your Video & Blog Content On Facebook
Written by NT Izuchi

How To Maxmize Your Video & Blog Content On FacebookAs content marketers it can be very easy to spread ourselves thin by constantly thinking of new content to share. We know that the best way to establish personal branding is by creating content that brings value to our particular niche through blogging and video and sharing it through different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The truth is quality always overrules quantity so if you make an informative piece of content you can stretch that message over a couple of days with a few key principles. This works very effectively especially on Facebook where you want to stay as relevant and active as possible on your timeline.

Not only that but you can also make references to the earlier post that you made whether it was the video or blog post. This can be extremely effective in keeping people scrolling through your timeline and finding other useful content and engaging post that you have created!

Learn How To Maximize Your Videos & Blogs On Facebook

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When it comes to sharing content, particularly on Facebook, the idea isn’t to spam! That’s a big no no! All you are looking to do is stay relevant to your target audience of friends on Facebook with useful content. So to do that there is some strategy that you can put into play to maximize this effort.

Quick Tip For Creating Blogs & Videos FAST!

  • Blog First OR Video First…then transcribe – Figure out which of these forms of marketing comes easier to you. If video comes easier then shoot the video first and then afterwards write down the key areas you touched on then elaborate. If blogging comes easier then write the blog and make a few bullet points on a piece of a paper and reference the key points when creating your video.

Maximization Strategy!

  1. Share Your Blog & Video On Different Days – The key here is to stretch out your content on a couple days period on Facebook. The reason for that is because people won’t always be on Facebook at the same time you are so you want to give yourself the best chance to share that message at different periods of time. When you finally do share the second piece of content you should remind people that in case they missed the previous video or blog to check this new content out.
  2. Post The Blog As An Image – When you are sharing the blog post it is important that you share it with an image as an attention grabber. Simply sharing the link will not do as good of a job in getting people to click your link and view your post. Uploading a nice attractive image will take up much larger space on your timeline and other people’s news feed.


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