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How To Prospect Only The Best People Into Your Home Based Business

Prospecting quality people
Written by NT Izuchi

In a perfect online network marketing world, everyone would be a perfect fit for everyone when it comes to partnering together to grow a successful network marketing business.

But with a little bit of experience you’ll know that IS NOT the case at all. In fact spending too much time trying to work with individuals that aren’t congruent with you will hurt your business. This is why we blog to help attract targeted individuals.

Although earlier on in growing your business you should invite as many people you can to work with you there are still certain things you should be looking for when qualifying a prospect.

To simplify this process, just think of the perfect person you would want to work with. This is also a good thing to do so that you can develop into the person you want to be as well.  Note that this exercise isn’t to turn people away but to simply spend and manage your time wisely.

When you have this processed nailed down, you will have those targeted prospects following you, revisiting places like your website, and really getting to know you and wanting to work with you.

Are You Pre-Qualifying Your Leads & Prospects?

What To Look For When Qualifying Prospects…

  • ATTITUDE – This is extremely important to look for when prospecting. You want to work with people who are positive and take action! For warm market prospecting it is a bit easier because you may already know the person. For online prospecting a good way to get a better idea of their attitude is to observe their social networks  and see what kind of energy they bring in their posts whether it be positive and excited or negative and gloomy.
  • ARE THEY OPEN? – One of the biggest mistakes people make during online prospecting is focusing on individuals who are already committed to an opportunity. If someone is excited and committed to their opportunity then it’s probably best you prospect elsewhere for your own sake. This a complete waste of time trying to prospect someone who isn’t even open to considering your opportunity. 
  • MAKING OBVIOUS MISTAKES – If you see someone making obvious marketing mistakes then this is a good way to give value and show them in a constructive way how they can improve. If the person is receptive and appreciative of it then this may be a good person to offer your mentorship and opportunity to work with you. 
  • COMMONALITIES – A great way to identify a good prospect is to first find out if you two have anything in common both inside and outside of business. This is probably one of the most important aspects of partnering because you will not always be talking about business. Become friends first and get these commonalities out on the table and build rapport. This will make doing business a lot more enjoyable.



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