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If there is one point that all the gurus had right, it’s that the money is in the email follow up. In fact when when it comes to your sales funnel and email marketing campaigns, this is where 80% of your money and lifelong customers will be made.

However those same gurus will turn around and hack your wallet with their magic software and buttons when all you need are a few necessary components for a solid sales funnel:

  1. Solid content that drives solid traffic and leads
  2. A nice landing page to collect information (like this one here)
  3. Email marketing software
  4. and some good copy to communicate your message.

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If  you were under the impression that email marketing isn’t a “must have” in your business you’re essentially leaving a majority of the money you will make in your business on the table.

The truth is people actually want to get your marketing emails. Consider this: 74% of adults who are online prefer to receive marketing messages by email rather than direct mail, according to MerkleInc’s research.

Another interesting statistic…

66% of online consumers bought something based on an email marketing message. -Direct Marketing Association

So what does a good sales funnel look like?

By asking this I don’t mean to prompt the gurus or the misguided to show me a sales page. To get this right it needs some thought and a firm idea as to what your target audience views as value.

Again, in my opinion, the sales funnel starts with the quality content you provide.

As you make calls to action that direct traffic towards a landing page, the page isn’t to sell but to simply reiterate what more they are receiving for free in exchange for their information.

Here are the components of a sales funnel:

1. Landing or Contact Page – Some local businesses can use a simple contact page but for the rest of us a landing page will be how we convert targeted traffic into subscribers

In the header section of the landing page should detail what exactly they will be receiving. Capture pages have been proven to convert better with a video giving it a more personalized feel to it.

Of course you need a capture form to collect the names, emails, and phone numbers (optional). A nice addition to your capture page could also be a testimonial or some bullet points on a product that you would like to detail.

2. Email marketing campaign -Here is where you will begin to convert the authority you’ve gained up to this point into trust. Remember if people trust your information then there’s a great chance they will trust you with their money.

Since we are all pretty cheap with our money we will hold onto it until we find that trusted authority we’ve been looking for to spend it with. In your follow up messages is where you gain that trust.

The best practice for email follow ups is for your content to be evergreen, and by that I mean the content you create is timeless and will be good today, tomorrow, and so on.

Not only that but the content in your follow ups should go out 1x per week or at least 1x every two weeks in order to maintain familiarity with your brand, voice, products and services.

The Broadcast messages you will be sending will be slightly different in nature and objective. These messages will be the new blog posts and videos you create on a week to week base, invites to webinars to learn something new, time sensitive offers, etc.

Email marketing is now a mobile market

One important thing to note is that every email you send should be mobile friendly. One mistake I used to make was to create and send overly sophisticated html emails to my subscribers to find out that many of the html code wasn’t mobile responsive.

Here’s why this should matter to you…

SearchEnginePeople reports that 35% of all business professionals check their email on their mobile phones, and 64% of decision makers read email on their mobile.

Hubspot puts it like it is:  “If you’re not one of the 89% of marketers not optimizing email for mobile, you’re not properly reaching 48% of your list.” And — shock of shocks — 69% of recipients will delete an email if it isn’t optimized for mobile.

So to wrap up I will leave you with these words. Understand that selling products or services online is a process and it doesn’t have to be a hard one.

Two services you will need in my opinion and many others is a solid email marketing platform like Aweber and a trusted platform like OptimizePress for creating the parts to your sales funnel.

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