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Simple List Building Strategy For Beginners | Building A List From Scratch

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Written by NT Izuchi

It’s been a few years now being online, and at this point all the list building “guru hacks” I see and all the “guru talk” I hear typically goes in one ear and out the other almost instantly.

But I will say this. If there is one thing that I can agree with them on that I will share with you that they have right is that the money is in your subscribers list.

You might have heard that and It’s sort of a catch phrase online these days but it’s really more than that. It is a stone cold fact!

So, what is list building? The simple list building definition is…

“the process of acquiring new subscribers or leads to your mailing list.”

There are just too many horror stories you can find here in the internet space about people purchasing list building software or systems and end up doing more harm to their business than good.

Therefore people are smartening up and making the extra effort to make better, more informed purchasing decisions and I hope you are too.

So how are they doing this?

Well I’m glad you asked…

freeoffersidebannerBy due diligence in getting the info they need. So what are some list building tips or shortcuts in generating quality subscribers for a beginner?

Welp, there are no shortcuts here (as i chuckle). If you’d like to spend your precious dollars on some solo ad be my guest but good luck getting your money back when you realize those people are just used to opting to stuff.

The objective here is to build a quality list of subscribers that trust you. So if you want quality as an end result what do you think it begins with? You got it…QUALITY!


The list building techniques that can hurt you…

With the internet seeming to be getting larger it’s becoming a whole lot easier to connect with people but rather than using that to our advantage you’ll find many who looking for shortcuts.

Honestly I can’t blame them because everywhere you look there seems to be some new push-button software or tool on the market that will solve all your money making issues (yea right).

You’ll come across things like Craigslist email scrapers which basically steal emails from Craigslist and send spam emails to the owners of the emails. Don’t be that guy or gal!

If you think you’re gonna build a quality list of subscribers that way you are in for an unfortunate road to failure online very fast. This is simply not good list building practice.

You also see people trolling social media with a link and a sales page and if you’re lucky you’ll see one of these end up in your inbox.

This is the fast road to getting blocked by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. users because you are violating their privacy a.k.a. SPAM!

We can’t forget them good ole solo ads! I don’t want to spend too much time here but if you don’t have a deep marketing budget, don’t know how to convert traffic, and don’t have a clue where the optins are coming from I’d suggest putting your money to use elsewhere perhaps a Facebook ad campaign.


List building secrets to help you from scratch…

Without trying to invent something new under the sun, a long list of quality subscribers takes time! However we don’t need a gazillion subscribers to make some substantial income.

As a matter of fact I wouldn’t trade 10 of my quality subscribers for 100 subscribers from some solo ad. So the question is how to build a quality subscribers list from scratch…


A full blown online presence is a must in my book when list building. Now some would argue that you do not need a website and blog to build a list from scratch and that may be true. Some just opt to doing just video.

But in my experience the most qualified and responsive subscribers came through popping up in the search engines through organic search.Why is that?

Because I’m doing what the internet is functioned to do and that is create answers to the questions in the query and solve problems so of course my subscribers will be more responsive.

I’m either being found through Google or YouTube directing them back to my website. You either like me or you don’t, it’s that simple. But at least you know the people who subscribe have chosen to because of you and not some sales page.


freeoffersidebannerContent isn’t key, it’s the kingdom! If we are living in the information age then what do we think we need to create to for list building of trusted subscribers to buy from us?

That’s right, quality content! It’s not just about building a list for the sake of getting people on your email list but getting those who are likely to make purchase.

The good thing is content comes in many forms and so when you are blogging you can add different forms of media like videos and podcast with strong calls to action.


Social Media is one of the best outlets for list building because you can quickly build a sense of rapport and trust with others. Not only that but you can share your content and authoritative opinions on a particular subject matter, product, or service.

Let’s not forget that you have the ability to target your audience with tools inside Facebook Pages and Graph Search. So with quality content in front of the right person and a small budget you can be in profits rather quickly.

Make sure you have strong presence here but do not overkill on the social media.


And of course you’ll need an offer in exchange for peoples email address to contact them. There are offers that convert traffic to subscribers better than others however there is a vast variation.

This can be a number of things like an eBook, a newsletter, a series of informative videos, or even a free 1 on 1 consultation. Whatever it is it must be of great value to your target market.


Follow up & Follow through. Building a list from scratch is a simple concept but it would be an injustice to not mention how you make money with your newly built list which is with your email marketing.

In fact about 86% of your conversions to sales will come from this very list you are building. This is why you should lead with content so that when you are communicating with your list you know they expect to hear from you.


List building with a firm foundation…

When it’s all said and done there will be the gurus selling you wolf tickets, magic buttons, gizmos, and gadgets out the wazoo to take your money over and over again!

But it’s up to you to see through all the madness and realize that list building from scratch is optimal if built through your own content especially for better conversions.

So what’s it gonna be? Start building today!


About the author

NT Izuchi

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is NT Izuchi. I am a professional internet marketing consultant, blogger, SEO strategist, avid Boston sports fan, recovering perfectionist, and teacher by nature. I am passionate about my work and goals here online to help as many as I can build, brand, and manage a successful business online the first time around!


  • Great read!! You’re one of the few good ones who aren’t trying to sell sketchy shortcuts to success (say that 3 times fast…), instead, you educate people on how to build real wealth and success. Keep ’em coming.

  • NT, great post. I really agree with alot you mentioned here. Many small business owners or marketers may latch on to a software to even manage and analyze content but it doesn’t work without what you mention….The quality content itself and conversion points.

    There are some that also make quality content but with out a clear call to action they cant convert to the highest quality, which leads to less subscribers to the email and conversely, less sales. In the end I tell my clients this… Its about having the complete circle thought out before hand if you truly want success.

    When they look at me a little crazy ( because possibly they only wanted great video content from us) , I say ” you wouldn’t buy a BMW with no wheels and no engine right?” ” why? because even though it looked nice, it wouldn’t drive and therefore it wouldn’t be used for its full purpose”

    I see the correlation between quality content, clear offer, and an email list the same way as the analogy above.

    Keep these coming sir! Great stuff


    • You’re spot on T. The one trick ponies don’t get the job done and it’s really about having the full package but as a successful business owner as yourself it’s your duty to educate and set them up for success.

      I tell my clients all the time if they want full body exposure in their market place they need to diversify their marketing. Written content, video, and audio and then simply market daily. I’m not opposed to automation in terms of sharing content but no piece of software will close any prospects.

      Any engagement you get from your subscribers, social media circles, etc. I typically connect and refer them to the offer which in turn gets them into the funnel where I don’t “sell” but further educate for them to make a more informed purchasing decision. Thanks T.

  • You did a very good job with this post .
    There are too many of this push- button products out there.
    which make newbies believe this is the right way.
    But they only lose a lot of time and money.
    Good if they can find an post like this and start the right way.
    Thank you

    • The software are usually a bandage to the “boo-boo” but solid content is the cure. This happens so much that people who have failed over and over again purchasing every software, gizmo, and gadget are a niche within itself. NT & Erika to the rescue! 😀

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