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Simple Online Marketing Tips For Consistency, Efficiency, and Accountability

Online Marketing Tips
Written by NT Izuchi

It can be a very long downward spiral if you don’t readjust your habits and daily activities to become more consistent, efficient, and accountable with your online marketing ideas.

To begin, some quick emarketing tips you should know before you continue reading are that there are a gazillion external factors that may present themselves as relevant, but you soon find out that most are distractions.

These distractions posed as necessities will cost you frustration, but more importantly, precious time that you can never get back. Why not spend it bettering yourself while following a process that can be tracked and measured.

Online marketing tips and tricks for better consistency, efficiency, and accountability.

1. Allocate Time to Create Marketing Material

If you are blogging, shooting videos, or recording podcast then allocate a specific blocked off time every week for you to create them.

For example, I create my content on the weekends so that they are ready to publish and share during the week.

Your schedule may be different, so it’s on you to make sure you allocate a 3-4 hours on a particular day or set of days that you know you will have some time. Make this a habit so that you never have an excuse for not having content

The key to content is about being consistent, and a big part of that is allocating time to doing this because you’re business is important and must run on schedule like any other business.

2. Have a daily marketing game plan

I’ll start by asking two questions: What sort of results do you gauge on a daily basis in order to determine how your business is doing? And what do do you do every day that will produce you those results?

Whether you are looking for affiliate marketing tips, email marketing tips, or other online marketing strategies they will all revolve an overall strategy which you can track results and become better at what you are doing.

Four areas of focus:

3. Rely on the data

Relying on the data is one of those web marketing tips that allow you to free yourself of taking your business personally. Rather than getting your feelings involved, you can rely on numbers to help you readjust

If you are following your daily game plan devotedly, it will inevitably produce a result. Every day you are trying to generate traffic and leads, and produce more sales. So track which category needs improvement.

  • Without traffic, neither leads nor sales can happen.
  • If your traffic isn’t converting to leads, make sure your offer is relevant to the traffic, and the landing page is relevant to that offer
  • If you aren’t making sales, continue to provide practical solutions to their problems to continuously build your list and gain their trust.
    • Expose to them what you are selling about 20% of the time.
    • Try doing live webinars where you can quickly build trust and sell.

But you must follow your game plan consistently to start reading patterns

4. Commit to learning something new everyday

I mentioned this earlier and later felt it absolutely deserves its own section.

Online marketing tips 2015 in the grand scheme of things really comes down to learning something new every day to better your skillsets as a person.

We often get so worked up on business and forget that it is we who are actually running the business. You have to develop and making changes to yourself to change the results you are getting in life.


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