Social Media Marketing


Social media has become an absolute necessity for business across the spectrum. In this day and age brand awareness equation does not exist without a strong social media presence.

Although these social media platforms are relatively new, we see strong indications they certainly are not phase as market research and statistics prove that they are in demand. Later we will explore some of these statistics

It’s all about influence.

Social media marketing at it’s core is really about influence and these days it’s not hard to identify the brands that are most trusted because of the social signals incorporated into the websites we use to get information.

These social signals include likes, retweets, circles, +ing, repins, and a wide variety of others that I am missing. All in all, this is how we are connected today.

Regardless of your business, whether it’s niche marketing, affiliate marketing/network marketing, or local bricks and mortar social media will be an pivotal role in the longevity of your presence online.


Building community through social media.

It can happen and it should happen with the right approach! In fact, current search engine optimization best practices call for a strong social community to back the content you produce.

This goes back to the trust and authority we are trying to build here and what better way to do it than through social media where just about everyone and their grandparents are hanging out.

Social media has become the No.1 activity on the web…

Therefore the search engines are getting some help from social media-ites in ranking what is considered the best content that answers questions based on relevance and popularity through sharing.

The worst to happen to social media…

In a sense this has been marketing all together. Where some people used to love to go and engage with their friends in some cases has become a haven for spammy ads and inbox messages to “click the link” and make a gazillion dollars over night

Here are a few DO NOT’s when it comes to social media marketing

1. Getting on every SM platform you can find – for one thing, NO ONE need to be on every social media platform. It’ll be time consuming beyond belief and not every business has a place on each platform.

An example of this is affiliate/network marketers on LinkedIn! Gahh this drives me nuts! My 2 cents, unless you are sharing content that educates people on the products and services, this  has no room for compensation plan pitches!

Most businesses will need Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter. But some may actually not need a Pinterest account, maybe they need LinkedIn instead or vice-versa. Either way, it is best to focus on just a few than to try and manage them all.

Here are some of the major platforms to consider:

  • Google Plus (non-negotiable)
  • Facebook (non-negotiable)
  • Twitter (non-negotiable)
  • Youtube (non-negotiable)
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Stumbleupon
  • Digg
  • Foursquare
  • and so on…

2. Abusing automated software and spamming social media – There is no excuses for sharing your one blog post hundreds or even thousands of time to places like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

A software that will help share your content is a good idea especially for those who are building say a home based business part time. But ruining the social media experience for everyone by sharing and posting like a lunatic is just not needed.

This could seriously hurt your brand and will probably detrimental to your website in the eyes of Google. Remember, Google created the penguin algorithm for that sort of behavior.

3. Simply posting links aka SELL SELL SELL – Add value for crying out loud! Rather than share affiliate links that take people straight to sales pages how about sharing your blog post, video, podcast, or other content that help answer questions?

When you do post your blog post, video. or podcast make sure to engage with those who show your post some love. This is the community building aspect of marketing through social media.

Social Media: A crowd favorite!

I was almost surprised to find out how much people actually prefer brands that they can find on their favorite social media sites. So as a business owner it’s important that you keep making connections as your top priority.

Here are some interesting facts about using social media for business:

  • Facebook is leading among all the social websites with 82% of small businesses registered; it is followed by YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn with 73%, 47% and 47% respectively. (Source: Mediabistro).
  • 80% of small businesses use social media websites for monitoring and collecting information about competitors to their businesses (Source: Socialmediatoday).
  • 80% of customers on social networks prefer to connect themselves to brands through Facebook (Source: Socialmediatoday).
  • 53% of small businesses use social media as an engagement tool for providing 2-way conversation customer support (Source: Socialmediatoday).

If you keep in mind that making connections and engaging are the most important things on social media you’ll do just fine. Just be an influence. Lead with value and build community around that value.

Soon enough that community will be strong enough to speak for your brand itself…

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