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Starting a Home Business? Avoid These Pitfalls of Failing Before You Even Get Started

starting a home business
Written by NT Izuchi

I know what you’re probably thinking, the steps to starting a home business probably include a long drawn out list that’ll take months to complete. Right?

Well, I’ve been there before and although the way to get set up the right way may not be an overnight job, it’s actually simpler than most people may think.

But of course, as you know, people like to make things more complicated than they need to be. Therefore, starting a home business checklist would probably be the best idea. We’ll get to that in  second.

Before you read any further, you’ll need to understand first and foremost that starting a home business online will take some patience before it really takes off to the level that you are currently dreaming of.

Starting a home business for dummies…

No offense to you at all for using the phrase above as a subtitle, really. But, it’s actually a keyword I am trying to rank for in Google, seriously (haha, no really though)

Besides that, I’ve literally thought about creating a guide breaking it down step by step. But for the sake of time I will give you a few things that you should avoid in order to keep your ship afloat.

1. Starting a home business with no web presence – This is my first word of advice for a reason. This is by far one of the biggest reasons why people fail in the home based business arena, especially the ones who’ve been it at it for a while and seem to have built no credibility in the market.

They are networking and connecting with others like a madperson, but have no real home online or place where they can showcase their knowledge. This is truly where an internet business blog comes into place.

You need a place where people can learn from you and build credibility and trust. And no, social media doesn’t count because you don’t own it, therefore you have no control over it as you would your own website where you can brand YOU!

2. Starting a home business without keyword research – Now that we got the whole web presence thing out the way, now you have to know what the people in your niche of business are searching for in the search engines – their questions, concerns, and and solutions to their problems.

Neglecting to do this is like trying to hit a target in the dark. Your chances of hitting your target are slim. You can avoid this by doing keyword research and learning basic SEO. Before you jump into any home business be sure to do this.

Know about the problems that the people in that particular niche are experiencing and have a solution that serves those problems. Put it this way: If you aren’t solving a problem, you have no business.

3. Starting a home business with no money – This is an interesting topic and it just can’t be left out of the conversation. I know that most people get into the home business arena because what they are currently doing isn’t producingthem enough income.

While that may be true, it’s just not realistic to think that you can really make a business work without having any money to invest. Seriously, what successful business do you know that didn’t require an initial investment to get it up and running quicker? Exactly! So what makes you different?

If you don’t have money to invest, think outside the box and come up with the money. Don’t make excuses, make it happen! Your business relies on it.


4. Starting a home business without realistic goals – Whichever home business you choose, I can almost guarantee that the company sales page has you thinking that by next week you’ll be sinking your toes into the sands of a hot, sunny, tropical beach.

While that is an awesome goal to have, it is a long-term goal and HIGHLY unlikely to happen by next week, month, or even in a year. You have to first track your daily activity and weekly/monthly goals to know you are headed in the right direction

Start off with producing content on a regular basis and sharing the heck out of it with free methods and paid methods as well on social media platforms. Your small business ideas overtime will become much bigger as you expand your knowledge and grow your authority within your niche.

5. Starting a home business without a mentor – Last but not least, don’t go at this alone. You will definitely make mistakes along your journey (it’s part of the deal), but there are some mistakes you can avoid all together saving you time.

Do your research, follow people from afar at first, and make sure they are consistent and will be around for the long haul before you reach out to them. Oh and don’t be a cheapskate on investing in yourself when it comes to training, mentorship, and coaching.

Getting around successful people and learning exactly what they are doing will actually save you money from purchasing product after product, service after service, and software after software.

This will be one of the biggest learning process and transitions you will ever face, so go into it with the expectation of having to sacrifice long hours AND money to position yourself for greatness.

This was a loaded post, but it’s what you need more than anything particularly now that you are starting home business ideas and putting them in to actoin. Take them and run with them!

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