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Simple Step To Make Sure Your Leads Confirm Their Subscription To Your List

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Written by NT Izuchi

For as long as I’ve been marketing online there has been this looming debate as to whether or not you should make your opt-ins confirm their subscription to your email list using the double opt-in feature after they have taken you up on your offer.

Although there are 2 sides to the argument those that are against the double opt-in probably don’t fully understand the disadvantage to this. The double opt-in isn’t there just for the sake of having an extra step.

The double opt-in is there to protect all 3 parties involved when it comes to email marketing. So many marketers use different tools and software to manipulate their list building.

More importantly for you the business owner it helps manage and build your list in ways you may not be thinking about.

In the video below you will learn the 3 reasons why you should be making your subscribers double opt-in. You will also learn the simple solution to making sure subscribers are giving you real emails AND confirming their subscription to your email list.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Leads Confirm Their Subscription

1. It Forces A Real Email Address – It happens more often than you think but many people will either put in an email address that doesn’t exist. If you aren’t forcing people to confirm you run the risk of revealing your offer to them without collecting a real email address to contact them in the future

2. You’re Paying For Subscribers – Yea remember? You are paying for every spot taken on your email list so without email confirmations from your subscribers you run the chance of paying for spots on your email list that are occupied by fake emails. Unconfirmed subscribers come at cost to you!

3. You Can’t Email Unconfirmed Subscribers – Maybe not all but A LOT of email autoresponder software will not allow it’s users to send emails to unconfirmed subscribers and the reason for that is simple. They don’t want SPAM associated with their brand name and software. If someone hasn’t confirmed then they don’t want emails being sent from their services. It’s that simple!

Now you know why its absolutely critical to make sure your leads double opt-in to your email list. Truthfully, your email list is arguably your greatest asset in building your online empire. So make every opt-in count! 🙂

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