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3 Ninja Subject Line Tricks | Put Your Emails & Ads On Steroids!

3 Ninja Subject Line Tricks | Put Your Emails & Ads On Steroids!
Written by NT Izuchi

Based off experience I cant I tell you that there is nothing more annoying as a marketer than too run an ad or email marketing campaign and get an embarrassing click through rate. If this is happening to you it has NOTHING to do with the content your presenting or even the opportunity you are presenting.

You’re simply not grabbing the viewers attention. Now don’t things twisted because there is a misconception that if you create an absolutely absurd headline that people will click through and that simple is not true.

The objective is quite simple. You have to create some curiosity to see what is on the other side and here I will show you a few ways to do this.

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  1. The Magic Number – As a marketer our jobs is to help solve the problems of online business people. If you have a a solution to do so then good. But if you have a 3-step formula on how to solve the problems then that’s even better. So in your headline let people know that you have a numbered step by step solution that will solve their problems.
  2. Ask A Question – Asking questions is a great way for people to take action steps to clicking your ad or email because questions prompt an answer. By adding a question into your headline creates a sense of curiosity as to why you are asking that question. The more controversial the question is the more likely that someone will click your ad or email headline particularly if they don’t have the answer.
  3. Make It Personal – Use words like “You” to draw people in. So instead of saying “Make $100 online today” you can say something like “How you can make $100 online today before noon.” It’s quite simple but using those words like you put people in a state where they are seeing themselves in the situation of whatever it is you are talking about.

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