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The Marketing Process Mindset | Staying The Course

the marketing process
Written by NT Izuchi

The marketing process mindset when creating content is often made out to be complicated because there is no instant gratification and often time takes an emotional toll on people.

I wish someone would invent an emotional remote control for people, particularly new folks to the internet marketing space. Understanding how to make money online really comes down to one thing.

That is solving the problems of others by providing some sort of solution or alternative to their current situation. The money is simply a bi-product of how many people you can help, period!

Although simple, learning how to create value and presenting it in a way that resonates with your target isn’t exactly as easy as it may seem especially as a strategy for beginners.

Ironically all you can envision when getting started is just the finish line when it’s the effort along the way that leaves the biggest imprint.

Your intention, to help…

I’ll say this with confidence and wholehearted belief that the best way to help solve others problems consistently is by creating content that educates. I live by this and it’s what has worked for many others as well.

One of the main reasons why people refuse to do this is because there is no instant gratification when you hit publish which is actually pretty selfish if you’re in business to help people get what they want.

When you help others get what they want, you’ll get what you want

Everyone thinks they know what someone else needs and that’s cool but depending on where you’re looking, rarely do you see people, especially affiliate marketers, back it up with a solid web presence.

If you can’t find them on Facebook , you can’t find them anywhere.

So for your own good create content whether that’s written content, video content, or podcast furthering the knowledge base of your product, service. or alternative solution to your potential customer.


A consistent game plan…

Don’t let anyone stop what you’re doing no matter how shiny the object. That includes yourself as well. Yep, I had to say it and sometimes it takes a marketing planning process!

If you’re laser focused and consistent with your content marketing and promotional efforts see it all the way through to completion.

Building trust and authority takes a consistent effort on your part. Things will work out if you beat out your competition which often times can be done by showing up and outworking them.


No feelings involved

You’ll always get feedback so just because you don’t make a sale doesn’t mean your efforts aren’t leading to that.

Before you make that first sale other things must happen first like generating leads. See how you feel when generating leads isn’t a problem anymore. It’s as if a miracle has happened.

Although its not a sale it’s a step in that direction isn’t it?

Who knows if the next person will buy or not? Regardless of they do or not stay emotionally detached and sound. Be appreciative for what you have and treat it like a business because it is.


About the author

NT Izuchi

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is NT Izuchi. I am a professional internet marketing consultant, blogger, SEO strategist, avid Boston sports fan, recovering perfectionist, and teacher by nature. I am passionate about my work and goals here online to help as many as I can build, brand, and manage a successful business online the first time around!


  • “You’ll always get feedback so just because you don’t make a sale doesn’t mean your efforts aren’t leading to that.”

    this is a key piece of advice – as long as your tuned into what’s working, what isnt working and most importantly WHY

    • It took me quite some time to understand what a result was and the different forms of it. Having that knowledge-base always you to gauge, test, and tweak constructively.

  • Feedback is definitely important but many new marketers want the sale and not feedback,which is unfortunate. I definitely agree that the focus should be our intention to help and educate and the by-product of that will be added income but that process takes times.

    If we do not have the right intentions our prospects will see straight through us and realize we care more about the money than helping the prospect solve their immediate problem. We must focus on creating a brand that is respectable and become known as an authority figure in our niche.

    Thanks for sharing.

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