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Video Marketing Concepts | Is Your Message Clear?

video marketing concepts
Written by NT Izuchi

The other day I was browsing through a website with some video marketing concepts that I practice on a routine basis.

When marketers turn to video the first time around they leave out some key pieces that will help them along.

Creating the video content and making the message as targeted as possible is a big determining factor to how effective they are in turning cold leads into paying customers.

This is just one of the tips I learned from Russell Brunson in the post.

The video marketing concepts presented in the video below will help you to understand how to speak the language of your target customer so that your message is compelling enough to engage a sale.

Here Are Some Video Marketing Concepts

1. The videos that you create should fit with your brand and should be able to connect with your target market. A lot of marketers had to deal with huge losses because their message didnt appeal to their target market.

2. You should know your target market properly and your videos should be made in a way so as to appeal to your target market and capture their attention.

3. It is a known fact now that Google is favouring videos and is giving high rankings to videos. A very good approach would be to use meta tags for the content (text) of the page where your video is placed.

Using keywords in the video titles and their descriptions could even help you to gain search engine rankings for your videos. Even Video search engines will find it much easier to index your video files and link it to your web pages.

Use anchor text for you videos if you are linking to it from other pages of your Web site

4. A video ad can contain a demonstration of a product’s use and usability. Using a human face and a very pleasant voice is a very good strategy and you can have your prospects dying to buy your products.

By using these techniques, the prospective customer can relate more to your company and to what you’re promoting.

5. One of the greatest benefits of video marketing is that videos can be played on demand and you should make sure to let people download your videos so that they are able to view it even when they are not connected to the internet.

Now I have told you about some of the most important video marketing concepts, you can get this free dvd to gain maximum benefits from your video marketing campaigns.

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