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What To Email Your List When You Draw A Blank

As important as emailing your list really is sometimes you might find yourself having too much focus on the business side of things when its the people on the receiving end who really matter the most.

You might also forget, from time to time, that your subscribers are there for a reason and that is for you to show up everyday as you would a job, and solve a problem. 

The better you know their true problems that better the ammo you have to deliver the solution. Be aware though that their issues can range from a shallow surface all the way to deep-rooted. The deep-rooted ones tend to be harder to expose but that is where you have to think out side of the box.

What are the biggest problems we face today? Life problems. This is something that WE ALL experience and by first understanding that you are one step closer to a solution. You can leverage that and start to help solve issues that are indirectly related to their business even when you may not have ALL of the solutions to their problems.


Here’s 1 Free Suggestion You Can’t Lose With…

Send an appreciation email! By simply showing gratitude to your subscriber for being a subscriber can go a long way! Remember these are people who at first you have never met and never spoke to. That’s about as impersonal as it can get for someone on your subscribers list. It doesn’t have to be that way so change it.

To put a face on the name of that subscriber do something that is worth their response. A few months back I sent out an email to my email list which was full of encouragement and appreciation and

this was the result…



With this response I knew that there were people out there actually listening. Not only that it but I creating an association with my emails to this gesture of mine which is improving my likeability. This is the second part of the know-like-trust (KLT) rule. People engage and do business with people they like because they have the power to so.

Be sure to DO this strategy because this isn’t a matter of trying it out and seeing if it works. It’s just been proven and you see it with your own eyes. With or without proof you have to just think human and what a human like to receive in their inbox rather than a subscriber”. Do this a few times a month and your list will love you!

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