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Why Free SEO Best Practices Make Sense For You, Customers, and the Search Engines.

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Written by NT Izuchi

I must have heard a million times that the best things in life are free. But as I age it seems pretty obvious that the free things in life go unappreciated.

Look at some of Major League Baseball’s most beloved players turned villain when they under appreciate their own God given talents and resort to performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Not only is it selfish but it robs the integrity of America’s favorite passed time.  Similarly to conducting business online, black-hat SEO practices used to dupe the search engines are like PEDs.

In this case money  is the root of all evil…

Even as an ethical internet marketer I still can’t blame those new to the playing field doing things the wrong way because all it takes is an “in your face” sales video and a marketing budget to spread the madness.


What’s the free SEO advantage mean to you?

The SEO best practices that work today demand for answers to the questions that people are searching. Your job is to give the best answer to them by knowing the subject matter and context.

For the more technical on-page SEO there are free tools like SEO plugins to execute that task. So like a Major League Baseball player, you want to set high standards for your industry by giving the fans, or your customers, their money’s worth with no fluff!

Do free SEO best practices matter to customers to?

Why of course it does! They are the only thing that matter for your business. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and any other search engine under the sun is NOT interested in buying your products, or service.

I’m about 99.9% sure of that…

So when creating any type of content the best search engine optimization is really optimizing for the people first and search engines second.

Create content that people will love to consume through reading, watching, or listening because it is solving a problem.

No magic software  or gadget can guarantee that. Transparency and authenticity is key so do not underestimate the intelligence of your potential customer by faking the value. Relative to baseball, a good fan can sense PEDs and foul play.

Are the search engines paying attention?

The game of baseball is officiated by a crew of 4 umpires. To officiate search engine ranking, Google goes overboard and has a team of 200!

I believe Google alone has over 200 algorithms, or spiders, crawling each and every one of our posts and pages to our website.

That being said they are looking to spot the good and the bad. After all their mission statement is pretty clear…

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

The search engines are also looking for other signals as well with the help of social media sharing and overall engagement which is brilliant! Now they can sit back and really gauge which content is most relevant to rank in the search.

The moral here is you need not to worry about the search engines. Just play by their rules by being resourceful to the  people within the niche you are in. Take care of them and the search engines will take care of you.

It’s a collective effort.

If you want your internet business to start working for you, it must start with you and a solid internet business blog or website!

If we look at what the best SEO practices are in this day and age the focus should be on answering questions and solving problems rather trying to gain the system with spammy back-links to social media and irrelevant websites to your business.

The result of good search engine optimization will be a collective effort from you, the customers, and the search engines. Just make sure you take care of your end the rest will take care of itself.


About the author

NT Izuchi

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is NT Izuchi. I am a professional internet marketing consultant, blogger, SEO strategist, avid Boston sports fan, recovering perfectionist, and teacher by nature. I am passionate about my work and goals here online to help as many as I can build, brand, and manage a successful business online the first time around!


    • Right Omari! Well there’s been quite a few big changes with Google’s algorithms putting more focus on the overall social engagement to rate relevant content. Without solid, quality content the fluff is being exposed!

    • Why thank you Erika 😀 ! I must say I get that knack from my dad and also just having a passion for the subject matter. Moreover, this is what I’ve seen to work from past experience conducting business through organic search! Thanks for engaging Erika!

  • Nothing has really changed over the years. Quality content always wins out. Poor, spammy or duplicated content may have got more hits through dubious practices, in the past, but wouldn’t attract return readers or succeed in selling what they were trying to sell.

    I do use an SEO plugin but mainly because it creates site maps, adds the right metatags and reminds me about titles and alt tags. These are ways to make your code compliant and make your posts easier to read. I normally find that I naturally use keywords because the keywords are the topic I’m writing about.

    Social engagement is a way of getting yourself and your blog known. It’s a bonus that Google is taking more account of this. I also see that G is favoring gPlus more and more. Not surprising.

    I agree that if you take care of your content and your readers, and use social media well, then SEO pretty much takes care of itself.

    • You are very right Sue! Fortunately the search engines like Google understand that quality should be the forefront of search which is also why we have the Panda and Penguin.

      I myself do use SEO plugins and they are necessary to gauge some of our on page and off page seo efforts. But as we agreed, the social sharing and engagement is something that Google is looking more to gauge relevant content.

      Google+ is awesome, particularly if you are trying to be found in the search engines. If you have lots of people in your circles then your content will be found on the first page. All in all, take care of the people looking for answers! It’s what’s most important to your business!

  • Hey Great Post

    SEO is one of those subjec lots of people talk about and it almost becomes this mystic art. But when you cut it all down, quality content will win!

    Thanks for Sharing


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