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Youtube Ranking Factors | Get Seen Or Go Home!

Youtube RankingFactors
Written by NT Izuchi

Youtube ranking factors seem to be a mysterious code that people are constantly in search of.

When I think of the Youtube ranking factors that I take into consideration I realize that they never really change much at all.

But then again I think to myself well how confusing or difficult can it really be to understand a few angles in order to boost your visibility.

To answer the latter question all you really have to do is turn on your laptop and see all the bogus systems and trainings that are pumped into the market place on a day to day basis, spreading the confusion.

Here are the facts! We can find answers to questions in seconds and share those resources to answers in literally the click of a button.

Youtube Ranking Factors | Relevance & Authority

One of the most important things to remember is that everything inside your video must be relevant to the titles associated with that video because your relevance will build authority.

In simple terms, your objective is to get as many eyeballs to that video. But it doesn’t stop there.

If your content is relevant and you’ve managed to get viewers to your video this is a when you tell your viewers to engage with your content by liking, sharing, and commenting on your video if they’ve gotten some value.

Get enough of these and you’ll be a first page monster.

The next piece to the puzzle is continually producing valuable content and build a larger following of subscribers who actively engage with your videos. It’s very simple.

If you have large quantity of low quality then you’re dead in the water. If you have large quantity of quality you’ll beat out almost anyone.

Here’s a quick tip for boosting your authority. Subscribe to and engage with other authority Youtube channels often because you can piggy back those channels to get more subscribers.

Not only will the subscribers appreciate another quality channel but so will Youtube. Their first page rewards are worth every effort.

A Few Key Youtube Ranking Factors

  1. Total video & channel views
  2. Comments & engagement
  3. Social sharing
  4. Total subscribers count
  5. Total video embeds

Other Optimization Factors

  1. Keywords in title
  2. Keywords in description
  3. Keywords as raw video title
  4. Keywords in tags
  5. Quality Backlinks

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